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Curated Console | Blog No. 1

Read below to see learn more about how I restyled this side table to freshen up this space!

“Cultivating lavish environments that ultimately lead to a healthier state of mind.” -Style House by Brittany

Console Table Styling

Bookshelves, entry-way tables, and sofa tables are some of my favorite pieces of furniture to style. Console tables are the piece of furniture that individuals often look over while shopping for their home. This, in my opinion, is a huge mistake. Not only do they make a beautiful statement, they can often serve as a great source of storage when designed properly.

Simplicity and organization are two elements you will hear me speak of often. These are key when designing a space that will give us the feelings on luxury and calmness; two things we should experience at home in our everyday lives.

Initially I purchased the vases first. Then I secured the artwork. I knew I needed something large to anchor everything into place. I considered many pieces of framed and canvased art for this space. Little did I know, I would search for the perfect piece for two months before finding this mirror. I fell in love with it and couldn't leave it at the store.

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Love this mirror too, pulls everything together so nicely!


taniere harris
taniere harris
Aug 17, 2021

So cute, Brit Bratt!!!

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