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Faux DIY | Blog No. 2

Have you ever imagined something in your head and then you go on a hunt to find it, only to realize it does not exist? This happens to me all of the time! When I began this bathroom remodel, I knew I wanted it to be clean and sleek, but still have a sense of warmth through some use of greenery. I knew in my mind that I wanted a black, rectangular vase, with bold greenery inside.

I quickly realized that I would not find this as a pre-maid piece.

So I went on the hunt for a vase. After several weeks of being on the hunt, I found one that was close to what I was imagining on Amazon. From there, I started looking for the greenery stems. They all seemed to be the classic muted and dull green. I considered buying those stems and spray painting them the punchy green I was looking for; I just wasn't ready to commit to that yet.

While shopping in Hobby Lobby for another project, I found them! They were fun, vibrant, and just the color I was looking for! However, there were only two stems... Defeat. I went ahead and bought them, and then drove to another location where I was able to find one more stem. I was determined to make it work! I went ahead and bought some filler stems to ensure the vase did not appear to be empty.

Here's how I did it!

Step No.1 - Fill your vase with filler. This could be cardboard, styrofoam, craft paper, etc. I filled it so that when I placed my stems, they would fit nice and snug. I added styrofoam to the top to further hold my stems in place.

Step No. 2 - Add the stems. Do this step with lots of patience. You want to be sure this arrangement is done with effort and does not look rushed as it is a permanent piece. (Use a hot glue gun if necessary.)

Step No. 3 - Add the rocks. If you filled your vase properly, you should need too many rocks. In other words, there should be a shallow amount of space for the rocks. These can just be dumped and as you to the rocks on the top, add glue where needed! (Hot glue or another form) You just want to be sure the rocks are secure. Shake the vase slightly to check the security of the stems and rocks.

Step No. 4 - Place and enjoy! Take

some photos using the hashtag #StyleHouseDIY

I can not wait to share the rest of this bathroom with you all, where you will see more images of this plant! You have to stay tuned.

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