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4 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Party Decor.

by Brittany Styles - Please leave a comment.



Fresh flowers will always a first choice here at Style House. When thinking of table centerpieces or decor throughout an event, you should really consider fresh flowers. You can enjoy them for a while after your event or send them home with guests as a favor.

They add an extra layer of luxury to the event. Fresh flowers can also be added to balloon garlands, but silk flowers look incredible and are a bit more durable.



It is 2023 (so crazy). Everyone wants to take photos. Maybe to post on social platforms or just for special keepsakes. You should absolutely be investing in photo areas for your guests to capture these moments.


You should budget for certain areas to splurge for your event. Perhaps there is one area of your event that really captures the attention of your guests. This could be anything from the centerpieces, the photo area, marquee letters (pictured above), a grand cake, luxurious signage and stationary; the list goes on.

For example, you may save some money on your tablescapes if you decide to go with simple or even disposable cutlery (silverware, plates, cups, etc.) The money you save on those items can then be used on your "wow factor".



You should consider your food as an element of design at your event. Especially if it will be served buffet style. How do you elevate your food? Invest in various food displays, add pedestals, and various levels, be mindful how the food itself looks, and have pretty dishes and trays.

Also, consider adding food signs with descriptions of what the foods are, have pretty serving utensils, and don't be afraid to layer in those fresh flowers by the food.

Catering by Ahmed's Kitchen.


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