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Though the idea of interior design and styling can be daunting, I am here to help you through the process! 


I am a full supporter of the "elevated home experience". I believe our homes should feel like our own personal resorts that we are able to create, work, and relax in. I am here to help you find creative solutions to make your space feel totally new.



No.1 Discovery Call 

This is a time to chat more about your design needs.

No.2 Consultation 

For all in-person projects a consultation is required where I am able to walk-through the space and gain a better understanding of the project. During this meeting I will capture images and measurements. *No design work will be completed at this stage, as we will focus on project deadlines and budget.

No.3 Fee Proposal + Letter of Agreement

Based on the information gathered, the client will receive a design fee based on their project needs, scope of services, and payment terms.

No.4 Design Development | Review

Upon receiving a signed letter of agreement, I will begin to develop the design and present you with concept options for your space(s).

No.5 Product Sourcing + Project Management

Now that we have our concept, the shopping begins! Items and materials will be selected and purchased in preparation for install day.


No.6 Final Install + Photography

Now that your space is picture perfect, we will capture both videos and photos of the space.

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